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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Things are cookin' at the store!

Things were cookin' on Saturday and the store wasn't even open yet!  Over the last month our employees all became Moda Certified and received their Moda aprons and pins.  The aprons were cute but I knew our employees could really spice them up, so we had ourselves a little contest.

Rules:   Take your apron and do whatever you want with it, as long as "Moda Certified" was still visible.

So, yesterday we had a fun employee breakfast where each employee (except Wendy and Cecilia who were not able to be with us) unveiled their creations!  Everyone voted (secret ballot of course) for their top 3, points were awarded and the winner of $50 and supreme bragging rights was announced!

 and the winner was Valayne!  Work it girl!  I think her  fabulous sweetheart neckline pur her right over the top!
Truth be told  - our employees are all winners!
L-R  Linda, Judy, Holly, Shelly, Nancy, Valayne
P.S.  Thank you mother nature for a PERFECT Saturday!  Wow, what a day to be in the village.


Jennifer Rodriguez said...

Love the aprons!! What a fun thing to do :D

Griffith Family said...

Love the aprons, Love your shop, Everyone is so friendly...Thanks

Natalie said...

Super cute idea! What a creative bunch of gals!! Love you guys ;)

Maxine said...

All the aprons are so cute..Love your store....

lissa said...

ALL OF YOU LOOK SO ADORABLE! That is blinging and bedazzling an apron! Who knew?!