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Monday, March 26, 2012

MAKE IT MONDAY - Karie joins the team!

I am soooo excited to introduce you to Holly and My Sister Karie who is joining us for her first Make It Monday post.   I guess you would call Karie the middle sister, there are three sisters older and two younger.  She's the one pictured here on the far left. I am hoping to rope more of my other talented sis's and my Mom into sharing their talents with you - they are all amazing women!
Karie, Holly, Natalie, Mom, Kathy, Sherie and Sandy

Here is an easy "thank you" idea when you want a little more than just a card. First create a card using cardstock (size 5.5" x 4.25"). I covered mine with instructions from an old pattern. Use anything you have on hand to for the sentiment - stickers, stamps, computer.  Create a little tab and glue to the card front to hold the clip in place. Then grab some wool felt in your favorite colors and cut out a flower shape and leaves. I used fabri-tac to glue my layers together. You can add embroidery, beads, buttons or anything you want to fancy it up.

For the back, I hot glued one side of the clip to the flower and glued a piece of felt over that to help hold it together. Now you have a cute clip that can be used on a purse or shirt, or as a barrette.

 I can't sew a beautiful quilt like my sisters, and if I could, I sure wouldn't give it away! But who says you have to create an entire quilt from a quilt pattern?  Simply pick a portion of a pattern that you love and size it to fit in a frame or on a pillow. I used the Pine Mountain Wonky Love pattern to create this cute piece. Notice the initials "carved" in the branch? I really have to like someone to give them something I spent a lot of time and effort on, but I think this would make a darling wedding gift I wouldn't feel bad about giving away!  


sherie said...

Really cute ideas Karie. I especially love the framed piece!

Fuhriman Family said...

Loved the framed birdies!!!! said...

Karie I love that card!! Another great way you have used an old pattern, 'sew' clever!