Pine Needles at Gardner Village
1100 W 7800 S #3
West Jordan UT 84088

Sunday, February 21, 2010

We're at it again...

When I was young I shared a bedroom with my big sis Kathy and one thing was a constant frustration to her. I loved to re-arrange the furniture. I remember her coming home late at night and trying to be quiet going to bed and bumping into the furniture because I had totally switched things around in our room. Well, things never really change do they? Holly and I and all the gals at the store have been busy switching things up. We've been moving things around, and around, and around, freshened up the walls with a sunny new color (thanks Holly and Tyler) and had a lot of fun giving Pine Needles a new fresh look for spring. Stop in and let us know what you think. I'll post some pictures after we finish putting it all back together tomorrow morning.
And did I fail to mention, Saturday's Queen of Hearts event was a great success. Bouquets of fabric corsages were made and worn to the delight of all the Pine Needles Royalty (that's you ladies!) At 8:00 pm the store was packed with royal subjects waiting to see if they would win one of the 20 $20 gift certificates we gave away. We had one loyal customer who had been in so many times in the past week that her name was drawn 3 times for a total of $60 in Pine Needles gift certificates! Congratulations to all our winners who saw that it really does pay to shop often at Pine Needles!


Freddies Friends Blog said...

Hi - it's me - the loyal customer that won the $60. Yes, I read your blog too! Thanks so much for the gift certificates - I can't wait to pick out some lovely fabric you guys always have. I always tell everyone that you are my favorite and have the cutest fabric out of all the stores in the valley! Thanks again!

Strictly Sewing said...

Yes, I second Freddies Friends blog. I used to live in Murray, Utah and have since moved to El Paso, Texas. Nothing beats Pine Needles. There are tons of fabric stores to choose from in Utah and Pine Needles is my absolute favorite. You have a great selection of fabrics and patterns. I think your store is unique because you carry a variety of sewing projects from just plain quilting to hand embroidery to cross stitching and more. I have yet to find another fabric store that has it all under one roof. I am so thankful for Pine Needles online and hope that someday I can come back for a visit. So sad I wasn't there to have a chance to win. I would have competed with Freddies Friends as to the number of times visiting the store. :) Love your store. Keep up the awesome work.