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Monday, November 21, 2011

Tea Towel Tutorial

Hi Gals!  I am back again with a fun and FASTULOUS (fast/fabulous) tutorial.  I am always in search for a fun neighbor gift and this fits that to a Tea.  Or maybe you just need a fashionable towel for yourself to wipe your holiday grimies on.  Hope you enjoy!

Supplies List:
  • 1 tea towel (I am using a Indo teal towel which measures 20 1/2" x 28")
  • 5 - 5" red squares
  • 1 - 1 1/2" x 22" red
  • 5 - green buttons (I am using a variety of fabulous Riley Blake buttons)

First, I must say that I did not think up this idea, rather I saw it on Pinterest (ADDICTED, I'm just sayin') which took me to this link and then I tweaked it a bit.  I had some left over 5" charm squares and so I changed up the measurements to use them. 

Sew here, is how it goes...
  • For each 5" square fold in half diagonally and press.  Fold in half again and press to create a prairie point.
  •  Lay five prairie points across tea towel with the raw edges being approximately 4" from the bottom. Pin in place.

  • Prepare 1 1/2" x 22" strip by folding each end in and pressing so that the finished length measures the width of your towel.  Press under each long edge 1/2".
  • Pin over prairie points.

  • Sew in place.
  • Sew a button at the tip of each point.

That's have a fastulous home-made gift!

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